Dr. Manuel Lérida Decker

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"The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts - that is where the battle should be fought.” Mahatma Gandhi
All human societies, throughout the ages, have contemplated the initiation of young man into adulthood as an important ritual for the integral socialization and humanization of the individual. Related to the need to definitively overcome disassociation from the mother and to make him, the young man, acquire all the social and cultural rights recognized for adults in every society.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, young men had to start hunting and go to war at a very early age. As teenagers they had to demonstrate their courage in the face of danger and death. Even in the 19th century and in the first quarter of the 20th century, when there was no war, male adolescents in several European countries had to enter adulthood by proving to themselves and their families that they able to survive on their own. They went on a journey on their owne and without money for most of the time, travelling their country, to get to know it and its different regions and the different cultural societies. Further, to learn to defend themselves in case of danger and to work anywhere to earn their livelihood. These years of itinerant apprenticeship refer to the period of mobility that young male professionals made belong to different guilds in Central Europe from the High Middle Ages and until the era of Industrialisation which they did just after finishing the years of their apprenticeship in order to be examined as masters of their guilds.
This is an adventure that will trigger your masculine energy. We encourage you to live this real adventure in nature instead of passively experience something virtual from movies, video games, addictions or distractions. Come and share the experience of this initiation with other men in the middle of nature.

  • Leaving the world of childhood, where there is no conflict or responsibility for one's life.
  • Play what we have denied and forgotten.
  • Confront and measure forces and find your own limits.
  • Clean wounds and hatred that hinder maturation.
  • Valuation of the parental world from recognition, love and honor.
  • Experiment with the use of power and see the victim-victimizer game.
  • Defy your own fears to go through the darkness, loneliness and (symbolic) death.
  • Develop leadership and cooperation.
  • Reuniting lost fragments of your masculinity.
  • Integration of masculine archetypes.
  • Recognition of the feminine and the internal feminine.

We offer you this adventure through different initiation experiences:

  • Ritualistic funeral
  • Night watch
  • Power marches
  • Constellations Works
  • Initiation baptism
  • Huna techniques (Hawaiian/Polynesian shamanism)
  • Toltec techniques (pre-Columbian shamanism of Mesoamerica)
  • Steam bath ceremony (sweat lodge/inipi/temazcal)
  • Initiation ceremony for men's group
  • and many, many more exercies that imrove your own and pure masculine energy

Every year, during a long weekend (more likely in March or May), we offer you a modern and masculine initiation experience so that you can integrate The Man You Are. During these days you can overcome some of your main fears. You will have the opportunity to get to know yourself much better and become aware of yourself. Meeting other men will make you learn through them. We know that this experience is a step towards the masculine, healthy, adult man in you. Your age doesn't matter.

The event takes place in the mountains of the Alicante province in southeast Spain. The closest airports are Alicante (ALC), or alternatively Murcia (RMU).


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